Why buy property in North Cyprus?

14th March 2023
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Why Buy Property In North Cyprus?

Nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean. North Cyprus was once a hidden gem, but no longer. A survey conducted by Live and Invest Overseas in 2021, and circulated by Forbes to its 150 million readers, revealed North Cyprus to be the world’s best place to buy a two-bedroomed, two-bathroom beachfront property (up to 100 square meters). Whilst also reporting Cyprus as the fourth safest country in the world.

Since then, global buyers have purchased their dream homes or investment properties. With investors from as far as South America, Far East, Middle East in addition to Europe, North Cyprus is now the place to be. 

So, what makes North Cyprus so inviting? 

  • With 320 days of sunshine, the hot summers and mild winters enable the enjoyment of the outdoors all year round. 
  •  Stunning natural beauty, from clear blue seas, golden beaches, and romantic secluded coves to the majestic Besparmak Mountains.
  • Rich cultural history, ancient Roman ruins, medieval castles and traditional villages
  • The vast range of activities to engage with, such as snorkelling, scuba diving, sailing, mountain trekking, golf, and tennis at an award-winning club.
  • The low cost of living makes it an attractive option for anyone looking to enjoy a high quality of life at an affordable cost.
  • A Multicultural society that calls Cyprus home including Turkish Cypriots, Greek Cypriots, British, German, Israelis, Scandinavians, Iranians, Russians, and Ukrainians. (List not exclusive)
  • An array of traditional celebrations such as the Olive Festival, kite festival, Bellapais music festival, and the international theatre and arts festival.
  • The great food and Mediterranean diet also contribute to Cyprus having one of longest life expectancies in the world.
  • It is the most affordable place to purchase property compared to other places in the Mediterranean and Europe.
  • North Cyprus has become the number one destination for investment purposes, with resale properties have doubled in the last 12 months and off-plan developments selling so fast that prices are rising in excess of 10% every 3 months. 
  • There is a high demand for rental property, both short and long-term, villas, and apartments. A 3-bedroomed luxury villa can command £2500 a week in high season.

The list is not exclusive…come and discover what this unique island can offer you…

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