First steps to buying property in North Cyprus

18th February 2023
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Property Buyers Guide

Thinking North Cyprus is the place for you, let us help you find your ideal home or investment…

The first step is easy.
1)    Speak with one of our advisors, whether it’s face to face, WhatsApp, email, zoom we can
introduce you to what the North Cyprus real estate market has to offer you. 

We will give you time to explain what you are looking for, whether it’s a forever home, a holiday
getaway or an investment opportunity.
2)    Understanding your wishes, we will use our expertise and knowledge of the real estate market
in North Cyprus and the nuances of the island to identify properties that will suit your requirements
3)   With your agreement we will arrange property viewings, or where appropriate virtual
presentations. We also offer free accommodation should you wish to visit on an inspection trip.

Click here for details of our inspection trips!

4) Bluenest will negotiate price, payments, payment plans along with any additional terms
required. We will guide you through the whole purchasing process. When you are comfortable with
the purchase agreement you can reserve your property by signing a reservation form and paying a
deposit. The property will now be taken off the market.  

5) We can guide you when choosing a conveyancer, offering details of professionals our customers
have used and highly recommend.

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